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The birthplace of humankind, Africa is a trove of natural and cultural treasures. Experience the thrill of watching lions on the prowl. Share a breathtaking encounter with those most gentle of giants, the elusive mountain gorillas. Try your hand at traditional Maasai archery or cut a rug with Intore dancers.

Explore our diverse destinations.


Herd of elephants gathers around the shore of Chobe river in Chobe national Park Botswana
With the most elephants in Africa & a strong conservation ethic, Botswana boasts amazing wildlife-viewing opportunities.


male lion standing in grass and looking toward the left
Kenya features magnificent beaches, vibrant cities, fascinating cultures, and the Big 5: elephants, leopards, Cape buffalo, rhinos & lions.


Separated from Africa 185 million years ago, the island nation of Madagascar fosters weird and wonderful wildlife found nowhere else.


A palm-fringed beach Mozambique
Crystal blue waters, tropical sun, and ocean breezes: the coast of Mozambique is the ideal beach refuge for post-safari rejuvenation.


colorful sunset image of reddish rock outcrop in Damaraland Namibia with dramatic purplish cloudy sky
An ageless realm of sand dunes, petrified forests, desert elephants & impeccably preserved rock art, Namibia is a land beyond imagining.


silverback mountain gorilla stands in front of bushes
Home to endangered mountain gorillas & golden monkeys, Rwanda is a leader in wildlife protection & eco-conscious African travel.


Seychelles’ 155 islands are home to glittering sand beaches, technicolor coral reefs bustling with life, and endemic fauna seen nowhere else.

South Africa

South Africa's Chapmans Peak seen across dark blue waters
From coral reefs to bush treks to penguin-watching to wine tastings, this vast country offers one-of-a-kind cultural and wildlife adventures.


yawning cheetah sits in golden grass in Tanzania
Famous for its Serengeti wildlife, Tanzania offers a stunning variety of terrains—from Mount Kilimanjaro to Zanzibar’s gleeming beaches.


aerial view of a pond amid lush rolling hills in Uganda
The Pearl of Africa, Uganda teems with lush waterways that attract bountiful wildlife & offers the rare chance to see chimpanzees in the wild.

Victoria Falls

Aerial view of Zambezi river flowing into Victoria Falls
No photo can depict the breathtaking reality of the world’s largest curtain of water. You have to see Victoria Falls to believe it.


Zambia has perfected the art of safari. Hike, paddle, or ride through unspoiled wilderness by day; fall asleep to the sounds of the savanna at night.


landscape of Lake Kariba at Matusadona National Park in Zimbabwe with sun hanging low in the background --the sky and reflection are pink--a heron stands and waterbirds fly in the foreground and there are hills in the background behind the lake
A land of spectacular beauty, Zimbabwe offers the ideal safari experience with its ecological diversity and excellent hospitality.

Great Wildebeest Migration Map

The largest and longest overland migration on earth, the Great Wildebeest Migration is a year-round trek taking two million wildebeest and countless zebras and antelope from the southern Serengeti to the Maasai Mara and back.

Select a month to forecast the wildebeests’ route, then contact us to schedule your Great Wildebeest Migration safari.

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